Education for sustainable development is a key for change: It helps to regard global problems from different points of view, offers simple but effective learning methods and is for that reason suitable for many different target groups.

This year we are offering our starters course “Let them her your message” with quite a bit of changes: Everything will be in English and new content. This time we corporate with Kultur Campus, a transnational group of students.  But our main goal is still the same: At the end of the Program, every participant should have had development an own teaching project.

“Let them hear your message” is free and open for everyone but is planed an organized especially for the needs of refugees and migrants. The registration is possible until 30.5.2021. For answering your questions and for registration, please write an email to:

And this is our new program:

5.6.2021: Introduction into the Education for sustainable development

At the first day you learn the basics about teaching, from the process of planning to a finial program and some basic ideas of evaluation.  Additional we will talk about important rules of political education in Germany and help you to develop your own projects.

12.6.2021: “Postcolonialism” and “Corruption”

The second day is divided: The first part is about postcolonial theory and the differences and similarities between postcolonial states and states without colonized history in the global south. We will talk about the global north-south divide and the social and ecological consequences. The second part of the day we will learn about corruption and the negative consequences for societies. Of course, you also learn to use methods of teaching.

26.6.2021: “Fake news”

Propaganda lies and fake news harm democratic processes around the world. At this day we regard some examples, learn how conspiracy theories are made up and why they are sometimes dangerous. We learn about fact checking and how to teach about the topic fake news.

10.7.2021:  Method training day

On the last day, we take our time to summarize and repeat the most important content of the program. And you will have to train some methods of teaching which you can use for your own projects.


Die Veranstaltungsreihe wird organisiert von der Promotorenstelle des IAE e.V. in Kooperation mit Kultur Campus.


Gefördert von Engagement Global im Auftrag des Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung BMZ und mitfinanziert durch Steuermittel auf der Grundlage des von den Abgeordneten des sächsischen Landtages beschlossenen Haushaltes.